(506) 2203-2822 / (506) 2203-2823
Radial Lindora Belén,
next to Automercado.
Hours of attention
Monday to Friday from 7:30 a.m. at 5:30 p.m.
Saturdays from 8:00 a.m. at 12 m.d.

About Forum II

Blue Flag

Since 2016 Forum 2 has received 3 awards, these awards have been granted by our recycling program, use of biodegradable products, energy savings through Led Lighting and preventive maintenance of electromechanical equipment.

Solar Panels

As part of our efforts to benefit the environment and our customers, we will be implementing solar panels to power the common areas of buildings.

Gastronomical Variety

We have a wide gastronomic offering, among which are:

  • Terrazas de Lindora gastronomic center in front of Forum 2.
  • Subway.
  • Casabe.
  • Gitane Coffee.
  • Aloft Hotel Restaurant

Redundant System

We currently have 2 electrical redundancy systems. These systems guarantee a continuous service, which avoids interruptions to your operations



  • We have 2500 parking spaces.
  • 24/7 Security.
  • Access control system.
  • Closed circuit surveillance systems.
  • The car wash service is provided inside the Forum 2 Business Park.


We have a variety of rest areas and beautiful gardens where employees of each company can take advantage of their free time or find a more relaxed space for their tasks.

Training Track

Thinking about healthy and active lifestyles, we offer you staff alternatives to carry out physical activity at our training track, in this way we contribute to creating a positive culture towards exercise and the practice of sports activities.


We have a heliport certified by Civil Aviation. Our tenants have a 60% discount for more information you can write to or call to (506) 2203-2822

Processing facilities

We have a treatment plant that works in an aerobic way, all the waste produced within the Forum 2 business park is adequately treated in such a way that we reduce the negative impact they produce on the environment.

Aloft Hotel

We have one of the most prestigious hotels in the country, which incorporates the use of technology and design to improve the experiences of all its guests.

Our Partners

Numbers that show our success

m² in offices
m², common area to be used as a green area
minutes from Juan Santa María International Airport
m², common area for parking
companies that today are part of our business park Forum 2
parking spaces
different entrances to the business park, 2 in Lindora and 1 in Pozos of Santa Ana
km from Escazú, Costa Rica
km from San José, Costa Rica

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